PythonJamaica is ...

PyCon Jamaica 2016 is the most valuable technology conference dedicated to a single programming language in Jamaica this year.


Here’s a sample of some of the speakers were going to have. Lorena Mesa works with Sprout Social a significant player in the manage social media engagement, publishing and analytics space. Star Ying, our keynote speaker, works with the US Department of Commerce in Washington DC, Joir-dan Gumbs, from IBM, is flying in from San Francisco and he's going to be talking about Serverless Python. Dominic Mills is a Jamaican masters student who interned at CERN, the only person from Jamaica to contribute to software for the Large Hadron Collider. Rhys Stewart does significant GIS related work at the Jamaica Public Service and Marc Murray has implemented a system built in Python that is in used at the Ministry of Health. This is significant stuff, just to give you an idea of the topics that are going to be presented, Python at the Ministry of Health and how the Caribbean Maritime Institute is using Python, Big Data and Machine Learning. We're going to have tutorials to teach you how to use Python among other things. 
The dates, November 17, 18 and 19. On the 17th we will have Tutorials and Lightning talks, on the 18th presentations by our speakers and on the 19th… The Great Python Scavenger Hunt Race at the Hope Zoo.


So far our sponsors are the Python Software Foundation, the  Plone Foundation and JetBrains, a software company that develops tools for developers including one specifically for Python developers called “PyCharm”, one of the best IDEs for Python development. We've also raised funds through crowd funding. 

Where is PyCon Jamaica going to be held?

Basically across two locations: At the Hope Zoo and on the University of the West Indies campus where we'll be running tutorials. In summary the University of the West Indies for tutorials and the Hope Zoo. The cost is $110 US dollars and students (with ID) get a very very very deep discount $1500 Jamaican for both days or $1200 for just one day. Entry to the scavenger hunt will be only 10 US dollars.
If you need to register we have a website and its really not hard to find and this whole thing is being put on by PythonJamaica, that's a group that comes together to learn about Python. We have meetups, tutorials and other events and we currently meet at StartUpJamaica every last Wednesday of the month at about 5:30 p.m.  We're really looking and we're really excited to start new chapters of PythonJamaica.
The biggest event coming up right now is PyCon Jamaica 2016 if you do miss  it then make sure you come to our November 30 Meet up. We encourage you to get involved, here is the URL and if you need to find more info about us literally we're on google just google python jamaica Thank you and make sure you come to PyCon Jamaica 2016.